Tablet POS Software

When you invest in a Point-of-Sale software compatible with your tablet, you need to make sure you choose the best for your specific needs. Preferably, you’ll want one that offers flexibility while still being low-cost. This combination makes these four options ideal for startups and pop up shops.


Reasonably priced and even offering a free version perfect for startups, Vend is a cloud-based POS with omni-channel capabilities and some of the best customer support around. Though it doesn’t work when Wi-Fi goes down due to its cloud integration, they nevertheless impress.


Orderbird is a global POS that proves flexibility is achievable. Originally designed strictly for restaurants, it has become a favorite of other industries. Like Vend, it comes with a free version specifically for businesses that are either just getting going or don’t plan on receiving too much traffic.


Another cloud-based POS, Bindo is designed to be the perfect omni-channel option, allowing for complete integration across all levels of sales, perfect for any pop up shops that want to run a live catalog that updates immediately following a purchase. Unfortunately, reviewers are quick to point out the customer service is lacking.


Another European company, SumUp is the top way in Europe for venders to use their tablets and phones to take payment. Simple and cost-effective, its additional app and dashboard take the original card terminal and transform it into a highly refined POS software designed for portability, perfect for pop up shops.