Expanding from the Web to a Pop Up Shop

The hard part is over. You’ve started your business, and it is steadily increasing each quarter. Loyal followers are always on top of both helping you improve and financially supporting you through buying your wares. Why not take this to the next level?

Opening Retail

While you might be ready to give a physicality to your product, this doesn’t mean you have to invest thousands of dollars per square foot for an overpriced location. Instead, pop up shops give you an affordable, flexible way to test out marketability, location and profitability. The endeavor could very well show you that a permanent space is unnecessary in today’s age of mixing technology with shopping. The pop up shop is the best choice when you’re hoping to:

Test new markets, products or locations

The Hundreds, a clothing store influenced by a southern California style, opened a pop up in New York City for a weekend to test out east coast viability. After making $7,000, they concluded spreading to the other coast would be a safe investment.

Increase brand awareness by connecting your online presence with your physical shop

Faith & Fortune was a new internet-only apparel shop. To spread their brand around, they utilized social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to get their customers to spread the word a shop would be set up for a limited time only. Some shops take this further by only giving directions to their location via an app while others serve as points of pick up for online orders.

Increase sales without putting the company at huge financial risk

Dorie and Josh Greenspan opened their pop up for only $1,600. Though it was only space enough for a small table and kitchen, they sold 3,000 cookies, leading to further investments in temporary spaces while still pumping out quality products.Whether it’s growing your clients or testing new ideas, pop up shops are the affordable way to invest in the future of your business.