Amazon’s Brick and Algo Retail

In 2015, Amazon did something that seemed to define the very word “ironic” – they opened their own brick and mortar store in Seattle. While the jeers that the company that saw to the cementing of e-commerce as a retail option would open up something their services have been eradicating the world over did not go unheard, it nevertheless proves as evidence that brick and mortar is not only still alive and thriving but that it is a necessary part of the retail experience.

This new bookstore from Amazon is anything but a classic brick and mortar store, however. It is fully influenced by the data collected from the website. It provides a selection of books almost entirely influenced by what customers are reading and what they are finding value in. By employing analytics to track every purchase, it is promoting a store that is driven by customers and not publishing companies buying bookshelf space.
In the end, this evolution toward a “brick and algorithms” store sums up the evolution of society. With our data quickly affecting events on the internet, it makes sense to then want to find a way to allow this to happen in the retail world to revitalize stores that used to only stock based on best guesses. It is adaptation at its finest – allowing customers to still achieve the desired tactile shopping method while immediately knowing if the product is worth the price.